Do you have those times in life when the pieces begin to fit together with ease? I’m talking about those special moments when the people in your life make you laugh out loud and your surroundings fill your soul with peace. Or what about those times when everything you do makes perfect sense and you feel so natural going about your day without a worry in your mind?

I’ll share a little secret with you: I love those moments and for most of my life I’ve been on a journey searching for my life pieces to fit into place…and the odd thing is, it’s always been right there waiting for me.
I’m Elizabeth. I’m a 30-something creative mommy of two amazing & free spirited girls and wife to the sweetest guy on the planet! I've dedicated my career to working in the non-profit sector; I believe helping others who are less fortunate is not just a job but something that completes me.

I’m also a collector of vintage jewelry. My collection began 20 years ago with a small blue rhinestone brooch my mom gave me. Over time, this little treasure became one of many beautiful {singed & unsigned} pieces of my growing collection. I always sought out unique pieces – I never looked to see if there was a marking on the back or if all of the stones were still intact… I was just buying what I loved and what I would wear. I really can’t explain it other than buying and wearing vintage jewelry was “my thing”. 

Over the years, I would have special requests to keep an eye out for a unique piece…or asked if I would make something specific with some of the random beads I found on my thrifting adventures. I was also asked if I would consider selling pieces I’ve accumulated. {gasp!} As much as I resisted thinking about parting ways with my glimmering treasures – I knew the time had come. My collection is now craving to be shared with other vintage lovers. 

…and this is where my story begins. 

Miss Vintage Boutique features beautiful vintage jewelry {circa 1940's - 1970's}, original vintage creations, vintage scarves, gloves, purses, jewelry boxes, and some amazing vintage dresses.

The MVB collection will include signed and unsigned beauties and each has been carefully hand selected for resale. Miss Vintage Boutique has a high standard for its collection although some pieces do show more signs of love than others.  As with most loved vintage pieces, signs of wear is common. I personally prefer original signature pieces with a little life experience. These treasures truly have their own personality and style… it’s time to make a statement.

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